Caution: may cause headache…this is a dangerous job but someone has to drink it.

 Trader Joe’s Blanc de Blancs Brut FR $4.49
Bubbly is fun. It’s celebratory. So $4.49 for a party in a bottle is hard to resist, but be careful what you pay for later. The bouquet is floral – one guest said like a stargazer lily. The first sip is crisp like a pear and finishes with a sweet mustard, it’s not that harsh but it may not be for you. The description on the label says “…delicate, fruity character and refined, lasting flavor.” That lasting flavor may taste like _________ you fill in the blank (one taster mentioned urine another mustard gas. I am not one to ask how either of them know these flavors, I merely conduct the research.) Final verdict: in a pinch for a less than special occasion, it’ll do. Those who are particular about their sparklings will find it barely drinkable on its own, but those who need to grab a quick bubbly for a brunch can confidently do so as long as they make belinis and mimosas. As the picture recommends, it is served best as ice-cubes with aspirin on hand.
Stay curious!

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