Guests Request! Rare Red Grape 4 Blend, Lodi CA $7.99


Available at Sonoma Market

I had a discerning group of tasters this time – all squeamish when I mentioned I wrote a cheap wine blog and would they like to try a wine under $10 – in fact it was only $7.99 and it was from Lodi. This was a group of acquaintances in the Sonoma Square at the Tuesday night farmer’s market picnicking around elaborate cheeseboards and much better wines, or so they thought…{ insert sinister Frenchman laugh here – heh, heh, heh.}

Bouquet was young, fresh with hit of berry and dried cherry. First sip, surprisingly smooth, full bodied, pleasantly earthy and bursting with a nice grapey, ripe red strawberry jaminess you want in a lovely everyday red. I must make a second mention to the smoothness, impressive for the prix.

One guest commented that I had made an “excellent selection” and that this was the perfect everyday red. I failed to mention that I select these wines with the precision of Russian Roulette, but accepted the complement with humility. This is a mindblowingly good wine – Caseworthy!

Stay curious,



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