The Comtesse du Cheapeaux Vin

I love wine especially at a bargain. When I pass the aisles of the wine department, I always pick up a find under $10. High curiosity with low risk. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, sometimes I hit the jackpot. Well, here is my consumerist opinion. I know what I enjoy and I’ve had my share of fine wines. I encourage you not to hold back with your comments as we can all use a good tip or a cautionary tale.

Stay curious,


Here is the key to my ratings:

Case Worthy:“Could someone please get the store manager, I’ll be backing up to the loading dock.”

Guest Worthy: “So good, your guests will be equally impressed with the price.”

Buy Again: “…until the next amazing discovery.”

Drinkable: “Where did you find this wine, at an open house?”

Blech!: “Change of plans, let’s make a Sangria.”


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  1. Love your rating system! We live in a wine-producing area, but that doesn’t mean that we can splash out on the premium ranges. That said, two things: we are able to pick up really good wine and great prices at the cellar door, helped by pensioners’ discounts from which the longsuffering husband benefits. Secondly, some of the “premium” wines are neither case- nor guest-worthy! I might well borrow your rating at some point (suitable credited, of course)!

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  2. Hi Loie,
    I noticed a few nice reviews on your site about wines produced by the company I represent. I am also in Sonoma, and I’d like to include you on my press/sample list. Please email me with some contact info at bradley@vom.com. My PR firm handles Scotto Cellars, and we make Regio and Rare Red 4 Grape Blend. We have a whole portfolio of affordable wines that I’d like to introduce you to. Cheers!

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  3. I have 2 recommendations for you, cheap AND Kosher!

    1. Sara Bee Moscato – best Mpscato for only 6$ at Trader Joes.
    2. Deccolio Prosecco – 12$ Prosecco from Italy, sparkling and bubbly 🙂

    Love your blog!!

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  4. Fabulous idea for a blog. I can’t show this to my husband though. He’d want to leave me and marry you. He loves his wine that much. *grin*

    If you were serious about guest blogging, I’m “curious.” And by serious I mean funny serious. You have the kind of humor I love. Think you could do up a funny (yet instructional) primer on wine for Blogdramedy?

    If yes, email me at blogdramedy@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas. It could be fun.

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