Better than 2buck Chuck? Grand Cru Vineyards 2012 Merlot $6.99

Avail at:
Sonoma Market Sonoma CA
Lake Liquors Ronkonkoma NY


Bouquet, eh. Body, eh. Underdeveloped, a bit harsh and frankly, I’d prefer 2buck, which is a RARE occasion for me. I do like the bold, red, richness that is indicative of a Merlot, but this is definitely not a fine wine. Pair it with leftover pizza – we did.
This wine is not guest worthy – but in a pinch – it works for the less discerning….I suppose that would be moi? I rate this drinkable, but not good enough for a repeat. I’m certain there are better cheapo wines out there so I will keep buying and trying.
Stay curious!

Talk is cheap - bon mots always welcome:

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