#WineWednesday Mendo Bargain!

Eureka!!! I have a wine steal to share with you today. Balanced, great body, ripe plum, berry and a little earthy on the finish. Widely available, easy drinking everyday and organic! As it is Spring in Sonoma County, I may have been pollenating my wine with too many antihistamines but I’m certain I’m not hallucinating – it was under $10. Achoo! 

Frey Winery has a celebrated, diverse portfolio of organic & biodynamic wines,
made with no sulfites added, vegan, and holy cow, gluten free! Located in Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, an area north of Sonoma County that exhibits the classic  beauty of California coastal environments. Hiking, wineries, marijuana grows, Indian reservations and B&Bs, this area has very diverse tourist attractions and considered a part of the “emerald triangle.”  

Medocino County has 10 AVAs but I lovingly refer to it as the Emerald Triangle AVA
 This is the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States and the world. Mendocino County, Humboldt County, and Trinity County are the three counties in Northern California that make up this region. Growers have been cultivating cannabis plants in this region since the 1960s. As many have warned in the past, I suggest not straying from your hiking trail too far or you could face the treachery of cliffs falls and unfriendly farmers. 

But as this region is also fabulous for grapes, I suspect the wine industry will continue to thrive. Within Menocino County  lies the Anderson Valley AVA as well as a group of smaller AVAs including Cole Ranch, McDowell Valley, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley and Yorkville Highlands. Many small vineyards dot the hills and rolling valleys of the rugged region. These legacy vineyards from Mendocino’s immigrant past give the region its identity as a home to Zinfandel, Mediterranean red varieties, including Syrah, Petite Sirah, Carignane, Charbono and Grenache. Mendocino’s prolific Anderson Valley is home to some of America’s most sought-after Alsatian whites, prestige sparkling wines, and Pinot Noir. It’s a great area for a wine adventure and the town of Mendocino is one of the most charming and beautiful places you’ll ever see.

Frey Natural Red Blend $9.00 Mendocino CA

Now, as you can see in my photo, although there was wine dripping Pollack style over the label, rest assured, there were no wardrobe casualties because I was wearing a lobster bib while chugging it. You will love this wine so much, you might selfishly keep it to yourself, and grotesquely drink it from the bottle as well. I won’t judge you, that much. 

Stay curious!



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    1. Of course you will! Like I said in my post, don’t fall off a cliff hiking or get shot whilst meandering off-road….I really do care – I only have so many followers and likes out there, no need to put them in harm’s way! xoxo

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