2012 Mont Pellier, Viognier, CA $5.99 rated buy again

2012 Mont Pellier, Viognier,
California $5.99
At first, the bouquet is a mash-up of honey and elderflower. Very floral. First taste is drier than one would expect. Not a hearty white, very light and best chilled so it is refreshing as it’s not very complex. I was keen on the balance and smoothness but I wanted a touch more fruit. It finishes a little buttery and with a light mineral taste. Should be great with fish, most seafood and I’d love it with some Drake’s bay oysters BBQ’d. Definitely the perfect match for some Szechuan spicy scallops. That would be magnifico. This hits a buy again – barely as I know some pretty good inexpensive Viogniers mere pennies more but for the price – perfectly respectable.
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