2012 Mont Pellier, Pinot Noir, CA $5.99

2012 Mont Pellier, Pinot Noir, California $5.99
Not much of a bouquet really and this made me uncertain, but the first sip was surprising. It is a light body red as expected from most Pinots, with a pleasant jammy plum that nicely lingers. Smooth, young tasting but a solid table wine and for $5.99 you get your money’s worth and then some. I craved a steak with this vino.
I’ll say this is a buy again minus at best, not wowed and I’ve met better low priced Pinot’s. It’s like that nice guy you met but there were no sparks. This is a wine for when you need companionship, and can’t find a better date.
Although, once this Pinot opened up after being decanted, it got richer and more robust, but still eh. It’s drinkable.
Stay curious!

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