Serendipity: My #MWWC13 Entry….

This was a very early entry into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. As fate would dictate, I felt compelled to write my post when the theme, serendipity, presented itself.

The Ladies Who Lunch Love this Pinot Grigio $8.99 & Pinot Noir $6.99.

I have enjoyed visiting Palm Springs, California for years. It is a magical place where one can attend a dinner party and meet television personalities, billionaire philanthropists, famous authors, fashion designers, esteemed artists and scoundrels all in one sitting (like keep an eye on your Social Security number.) It does have a dark, subversive side beneath all the frivolity and the experience is best described as being in a Fellini movie. The eccentricities, dry heat and high season creates the perfect opportunity for unexpected fortune and sadly, misfortune. I am incredibly grateful for my friends who always amaze me with their kindness, extravagance and hilarity. Of course they are wine enthusiasts! Check out this private Champagne room I had the rare privilege to witness last NYE with my dear friend, social doyenne Michael Bonda. Ab-fab to the max!


Stay curious!



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