This Malbec Should Be Arrested For Assault!

It is with great pride I share my very first video post – the first of many near-masterpieces to come! If you had the pleasure of experiencing my prior VideoPress technical difficulties, I deeply apologize. I know my very public pleas to the WP support team were uncomfortable for all of us. Well, the issue was resolved after I called Uncle Dick – he’s from the Cheney side of the family, very very very distant cousins, but none the less, helpful in a pinch. So magically my video post worked unexplainably, but if there are WP execs on an extended leave to Guantanamo Bay, I hope they are enjoying the ocean breeze, cigars and water sports. With a humiliating spectacle behind us, I send my deepest appreciation to all who choose to read my posts. I know you have a multitude of options for your viewing pleasure and I value your patronage…if you would like to see my desperate cries for help on the WP support forum click this . With out further adieu – here’s to a day in the office on a Malbec safari!

( Video is best viewed NOT through a Safari browser.)

Stay curious!



9 thoughts on “This Malbec Should Be Arrested For Assault!

    1. OMG! so glad you said something – I was second guessing – was it just me – what was happening out there on the intraweb – made my husband fire up every computer in the house including my son’s iPad to be sure it worked – finally!!!

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  1. Perhaps it’s my lack of coffee, but I’m not seeing the Malbec video. I’m also willing to blame, Alfred, my phone…you know, anything to deflect blame on how technologically unsavvy I am.


    1. Well, the technology debacle is not a result of your doing – I paid $60 for a premium VideoPress plugin (I’m a sucker luddite) and well, it crapped out on me. Miraculously, after publicly pleading for help on a WP support forum, it started working – FYI no one came to my rescue. Perhaps the archangel of technology spared me hours if not days of grief. Long winded story made even longer! Had to vent. xo


      1. Vent away! It’s always the worst when you purchase something that is going to be sooooooo awesome and then you can’t get it to work! I’m glad it’s working now–but it got me to thinking about the best advances in technology and I think the best would still have to be the corkscrew 😎

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      2. Vent away!! It’s so frustrating when you purchase something thinking it’s going to be THE BEST THING EVER and then you can’t get the stupid thing to work. It’s also frustrating when you think you respond and you realize 10 hours later, it never sent! (oops!) And I’m quite sure I’m the Queen of Let Me Make A Short Story Looong… xoxo

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