Sadly, this Cab was not fab.


Hacienda 2012 Cabernet Sauvingon, CA $5.99

As I lose friends, my self respect and a few tastebuds, I do it for you my dear readers, all blessed 3 of you. (by the way, glad you liked the wine cork planter magnate idea for father’s day.) Therefore I am still driven to seek that hidden treasure and share it with the world. Enough of my blather. This wine was disappointing – blech.

The nose on this 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon was rhubarb, a little plum, hot. First sip I tasted cherry and it finished with berry and oak. It was NOT smooth, very harsh and maybe if it had the chance to decant and open up, the noxious fumes would be released to enjoy what very little there is in this wine to enjoy. Alas, not the case. The alcohol content definitely got to my head right away. This wine would be best served with an ibuprofen aspic – anyone have a good recipe?

At best, throw this in with the roast or cook up a frat party sangria. This wine is rated as blech. Marchons!


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2 thoughts on “Sadly, this Cab was not fab.

  1. I love that you come right out and say what you think. The fact that you are not concerned with giving a “blech” ratings, tells me that if you give a wine a good rating, we can truly trust that. Keep up the tasting notes. and the truth!


    1. In all seriousness, I do try to be kind. I have actually tasted more wines, but refrained from posting some reviews. I felt like my humor and honesty will come off as too mean and snarky – often they deserve it – but I try to be respectful. I just don’t understand how some of these wines get sold into stores. Some are absolutely undrinkable. Sometimes they even put the winemaker’s NAME on the back of the bottle. The horror! Thx so much for the comment – look forward to seeing you all in Paso Robles!


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