Oh-LaLa Ma Mère! A Big Bang for the Buck for the Bubbles. Charles De Marques Brut, FR $19.99

Available at Trader Joe’s
This is quite possibly the least expensive good Champagne available in the US. It’s a brut that is light dry and very smooth. Description mentions brioche and ripe fruit – I believe that is wine code for saying it has a hint of fruit and a pleasant level of cave aged yeast. There is no sharp acid or cloying chemical, yeasty finish. This wine holds its own against much more expensive Champagnes. I love this wine because it epitomizes the French method beautifully at the right price and with a delight that makes any occasion special. The bubbles are a bit larger than some finer quality sparkling wines and the mousse (the foamy experience in the mouth after sipping) is nearly non existent, but I prefer it over a Prosecco and other sparklings that taste like fizzy sugary fou fou. It’s a sure thing!
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