Top 10 Wines Under $10 for Thanksgiving

Obligatory preamble:

The holidays are here ready or not. The best anecdote for the stresses of the season is a bottle of wine at the ready. Just pull that cork like a rip cord and glide effortlessly through the seasonal haze of family, friends, houseguest and office parties until you land gently on your feet and into a new year. That was easy! 

Fresh off the presses, as I await the paparazzi to descend, I joyously share my latest proclamation of the #top10under10 dollar wines for Thanksgiving.

Stay Curious!

Cheap Wine Curious Announces Annual Top 10 Wines Under $10 for Thanksgiving

(Nov. 23, 2015 – San Francisco, CA) Thanks to the second annual Top 10 Under $10 Thanksgiving wine picks from, anyone tasked to select reds, whites or rosés can chill – even if wine snobs will be at the table.
“I’m passionate about kissing the frogs so my followers don’t have to” says site founder Loie Maxwell. In compiling this list, she tasted over 80 wines under $10 and curated her follower favorites.“I had my work cut out for me but knowing there are happy followers enjoying their wine with friends and family at a bargain is my reward.” 
Dedicated to finding great wines under $10, Maxwell was raised in Sonoma County and has returned to her wine country roots after executive roles at Mattel, Target, CVS/pharmacy and Starbucks. She now balances work and family as a brand marketing consultant and being a wine and travel blogger. She continues to cultivate her understanding of wines and food pairings through relationships with local growers, French wine tourism and connecting with the most prolific winemakers and vintners in California.

After six months of mining the bottom shelves of grocery wine departments, Maxwell presents the best deals:
1. Cecilia Beretta Congeliano Valdobbiadene, Prosecco Superiore Brut, Italy $9.99 Top sparkling wine pick this year with hints of pear, green apple, bright citrus and a surprising dry finish.
2. Grifone Rosè, Italy $4.99 A fabulous find! You will cherish this plummy rosè with every elegant fruity drop. 

3. Folie à Deux, Ménage à Trois Red Blend, CA $7.99 The perfect blend of bold black cherry, hints of vanilla and a smooth finish of lingering fruit.
4. Rare Red Grape 4 Blend, Lodi CA $7.99 Still an all time favorite! A top guest request. 
5. Edna Valley Merlot 2013, Central Coast CA $9.99 Big fruit and a solid body, this Central Coast Merlot holds its own against other wines twice the price.
6. Domaine Boyar Traminer, Bulgaria $9.99 Light delicate and floral, this unique white wine is worth the hunt for a second glass.
7. Mark West Pinot Noir, California $8.99 A delightful Pinot Noir under $10 is a rare bird friends will flock to when craving a red.
8. Gabbiano Promessa Pinot Grigio, IGT delle Venezie, Italy $7.79 Not too sweet, not too dry, an easy to drink and refreshing white wine.
9. Espiral Vinho Verde, Portugal $4.49 A light, bright all time go to favorite white that made the list because it is not to be missed.
10. Kono, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014, NZ $8.99 A white wine that is crisp with flavors of passion fruit and herbal aromas you’ll enjoy more than you should.
Most wines can be found at H-E-B, Safeway, Vons, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, BevMo, Total Wine, and various national grocery chains. 


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Wines Under $10 for Thanksgiving

  1. I appreciate your due diligence to taste over 80 wines AND narrow it down to only 10! I bow down to your wine prowess (although I’m glad you clarified it took 6 months–I was worried about your liver in thinking you had tried all 80 since your last post!)! Happy Thanksgiving–gobble-gobble!

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