Strawberry-Cabernet Compote

Great recipe for you winos who like to cook! Throw this on ice cream, custard, cheesecake, cardboard anything that can use a little something to take it from heavenly to sinful. Sins of the Palate always has a fab recipe and some sharp wit to share. Hence why I must share this with you now. Bon appetite!🍷😘

Sins of the Palate

I’m about to be really honest with you. And if you are someone who cooks and cooks for friends often, then you will probably get up out of your seat in a few seconds and dance around. I don’t know if it will be a joy-induced dance or if you’ll just feel the beat of a really good, unrelated song. But I bet something similar will happen momentarily.Don’t fight it. Be true to yourself. Live your truth.Every once in a while, friends will insist on bringing something (ex. Side salad, dessert, etc.). And if you have a strong need to feel like you contribute at least in some small way, to every component of your dinner party, this can present an issue. Maybe this blog entry is me dealing with my own personal “control” issues. Either way, you should probably leave comments that follow this model: “Remington, you’re so pretty.” Feel free…

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