Tales From: Russian River Valley–Halleck Vineyard

I’ve made so many friends since starting this social media empire, it’s amazing what a few obnoxious comments and RTs will get you. Well I was able to score an invite to ride shotgun on a tasting with The Drunken Cyclist when he decided to grace Sonoma County with his presence. His eminence gave me a place and time to meet and we were off. No I did not hop on the handle bars or ride tandem or merrily lounge in a biking trailer for toddlers. We actually drove around, I know, I know, disappointing but maybe there is a photo op next time. As far as the wine at this stop, all I can say is that I’m still dreaming of that 2009 “The Farm” Pinot, I remember thinking out loud, “this wine is exactly why I love Pinot Noir,” only to have the vintner retort, “…I hope you feel that way about all my Pinots!” Open mouth insert foot. With that embarrassment, I am grateful Jeff didn’t decide to ditch me on the side of the road with the raccoons (whom we were told ravage the grapes and undiplomatic bloggers) and highly sensitive vintners….dreaming of a case of that Pinot nearly got me a case of rabies. It’s not easy having Champagne taste on a $10 and under budget. Many thanks Dr. Kralik for the generous mention and honor of being your SoCo side-kick – “I’m not worthy!” – as Wayne & Garth would say. I mean this with all sincerity, now please excuse me while I go powder my brun-nez. Stay curious!

the drunken cyclist

I really do not know when or where I first heard about Halleck Vineyard, but I have been meaning to visit for some time now. Finally, on my last visit to the West Coast this August, I was able to set up an appointment with Ross Halleck, the founder and co-owner (with his ex-wife) of the winery.

HalleckWhile I normally fly solo on tasting appointments, this go around I was joined by a blogging buddy: Loie of Cheap Wine Curious (if you have not yet checked out her blog, you should–she is a talented writer and has a great palate…). I let Loie know that, well, Ross’ wines were not exactly “cheap” but she was undeterred and decided to tag along (I might have then questioned her loyalty to her own “brand” but I will let her explain that dichotomy).

We pulled up to the “winery” which is actually…

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