Bordeaux 2004 – you can get value claret!

I spent this weekend catching up on my catalog of wine movies – Somm, A Year in Burgundy, American Wine Story, many you have all seen or placed in your que. This post by Confessions of a Wine Geek was the perfect post to read after viewing Red Obsession – the film about China driving up the value of Bordeaux wines – specifically Château Lafite Rothschild, of which the prices per case became so absurd it defines the bubble that popped in wine values after the precipice of 2011. (Interesting article on wine values at this link from Business week: A Dismal Bordeaux Vintage Hits the Market – Businessweek via @BW I was regulated to accepting my lot in life to the lower shelves of new world or fleeting dreams of old world if a fancy friend decided to sacrifice a bottle from the cellar. However, this wonderful post was good news and a welcome guide to finding Bordelaise value wines that sound fabulous! Must seek them out maintenant. Merci beaucoup Wine Geek and cheers! Stay curious, Loie

Confessions of a Wine Geek


Classed-growth Bordeaux prices have gone bonkers in recent years. It has become prohibitive for many wine lovers and it feels like those with the money are treating these masterpieces as articles of visual art as opposed to a sensation for the nose and taste buds… but maybe I’m just jealous; in fact I know I am.

I have very few bottles from the 1855 classification in my personal collection; there are a handful that I picked up on my trip to the region in the summer of 2013 a couple of others I have picked up over the years when the price has been right. I have gone to other locations to get my fix of Cabernet Sauvignon, whether exploring the New World or the lesser-known satellites of Bordeaux. But sometimes, only the real thing will do.

I recently attended a horizontal tasting of seven wines from the 2004 vintage…

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