7 Ways Grapevines Are Like People


First a disclaimer: I do not work for Ramsgate – I just love their wines and their winery is my dream home – the great hall, the view, long driveway, fire place-es, garden, beehives et all! Designed by award winning architect Howard Backen, it is a modern interpretation of the weathered farmsteads of old Carneros. Very chic – I especially love the wine library. Swoon.

I also enjoy their quick and easy posts on wine education – nothing fancy – nothing to heavy to contemplate, meditate, consternate because they nicely abbreviate. Please enjoy this post on the 7 ways vines are like people. Take special note of point #6. It leaves room for reader interpretation.

“6. They [people+vines] need to be pruned each year in order to grow the next.”

How do people get pruned? Is that like getting your hair and nails done? Man-scaping for the gents? Or is it what happens when sitting in the tub too long? Well, I will not ruminate too much or I might be considered a prune. Maybe this was one of those inside jokes…and my mind wanders….

I was most inspired by point #7:
“7. The more struggles they [people+vines] are forced to overcome, the healthier they – and their fruits – become.”

I agree wholeheartedly with this point. I reflect fondly on past challenges in life that seemed insurmountable and by overcoming them, like a vine, I experienced growth and built character. Coincidentally, my young “fruits” are wine-ing in the face of adversity right now. This mother of a “vine” will not be indulging them with Dum-Dum lollipops and iPad video games for breakfast. They shall become healthier fruit because of it…now go eat your oatmeal and read a book.

The link to their post:

7 Ways Grapevines are like People.

Stay curious!




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