A little Olé with a PBR Chaser. $4.59


Cruz Garcia Reál Sangria, Spain

Reál Sangria – Party Ideas

Top 5 Bottled San Grias

I actually don’t think this is a reál wine? If anyone knows what this really is – please comment. All I can say – it looks like it tastes. Seriously, what is this?!? One brave taster said it was merely fortified grape-juice with an odd citrus flavoring. It is fairly light and you should drink it as cold as possible. Try it on ice with a slice of orange or lemon – I enjoyed it with a PBR chaser. With a burger and some beer, this may be a stop on your tour gastronomique.

Their site is FABULOUS – check it out real-sangria.com– you can find out tips and tricks to throwing a 70’s disco party and some infamous food pairing suggestions with “grilled meats.” There are also some recipes for Sangria! I commend them for their site design, very engaging and they are the professed “#1 Imported Sangria from Spain.” Someone, somewhere in the US of A is drinking this with reckless abandon. It also opened my eyes to the bottled Sangria market, which I presume it is an acquired taste my buds have yet to blossom.

Stay curious – I guess.



2 thoughts on “A little Olé with a PBR Chaser. $4.59

  1. Cheap,
    I was searching for a sangria recipe you’d posted and clicked on the link for real-sangria – party ideas. Due to a public school education, I can’t read a word of Korean. Is there an English version? Your monolingual wine friend, Rose

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    1. In your honor, I have written a post specifically about my infamous White Sangria recipe. I hope it has not arrived too late to the party. Happy 4th dearest Rose! xoxo

      Ps – if you are reading one of my posts in Korean, I suspect an international incident is at play. I do not know how to speak or write in Korean. Should I be alarmed? I confess I did see The Interview, but it really wasn’t funny enough to warrant a security breach.


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