2012 Crane Lake Petite Syrah 3/$10

2012 Crane Lake Petite Syrah 3/$10
Mystery Origin CA
Bouquet suggests rose petals, hint of strawberry. First taste is decent I’m not of fan of mystery origins but it’s got that lightness of body I like in a good Petite Syrah and a second glass will go down easily. Depending on how edumacated your audience is, this is a good buy for the house but not something I’d bring to anyone’s home that I didn’t reluctantly accept the invitation. If the neighbor unexpectedly shows up with a report on the other neighbors, offer them a glass and see if they go away or if you need to exit them, do so by generously ushering them out with the bottle as a parting gift (may not be legal in your town, check with your neighbors.) Very handy to have around. Decent in the right company – price can’t be beat 3/$10.
Buy again, possibly as an unexpected guest consolation prize.
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