2012 Madame Fleur Rosé, France $8.99


2012 Madame Fleur Rosé
Product of France
365 Everyday Value
Wholefoods 8.99

The bouquet has hints of watermelon and pear. Your first taste will be refreshing, lightly sweet not classically indicative of a rosé because it is fruitier and rosés I have adored can be a little drier. If you are looking for a very drinkable, fruity buttery finish priced perfectly at $8.99 – go for it! Pairs nicely with leftover pizza, manchego cheese and cole slaw.

Very picnic worthy and if the “365” logo offends you aesthetically on the label, decant it and dream of the vineyards in France from which it  originates. Oh, in all transparency, I’m getting over a cold, and if this has been injurious to my opinion, I promise to revisit my rating.



I would buy this again….



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